Thursday 21 July 2011

Alan Moore on Get Fresh

Handy Six Degrees reference if you want to get from The Centurions to Johnny Depp or something.

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Monday 6 June 2011

Can we have the future now?


A child on video chat in the year 2011

And one ten years earlier

The year is 2011 and by my estimation, we should either be living on Mars or fighting robots in a post-apocalyptic world. I say this because where I'm freelancing, I often find myself hanging around the really nice coffee machine with a man who had a hand in creating the graphics for Minority Report and The Matrix. Yes, The Architect likes a cappuccino and swears you can froth soy milk to make a good one.

He really is Mr Future in the way he talks and dresses – it's a very singular and futuristic look and the complete antithesis of most styles. Pretty much everyone (including me), has adopted a style that's an affectation of an idealised past.

Recently, the two things to excite me the most have been the live stream of the Endeavour launch and the film made of photos from the Cassini launch. I also got quite cheered up from reading this article about Mars in yesterday's Observer. Should we spend billions of dollars to investigate the solar system? Oh yeah. Call me an idealist, but I think we've blown quite enough developing bombs that can fly windows to blow up the wrong people.

Yesterday I chatted to Spike using video chat and it struck me that this is the only thing from the film 2001 that's now a proper everyday reality. Unless you count the retro suits. But one of the interesting things about video chat that 2001 nailed absolutely, is the way kids just can't sit still in front of a moving image of themselves.


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Friday 3 June 2011

Beautiful film shot by the Cassini spacecraft

Nicely put together by Chris Abbas. 

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Writing Soundtrack May 31 - June 3

Lazy Bones

Tin Can & Twine - Tortoise - Tortoise

Covers - The Sea and Cake -  The Moonlight Butterfly

Just Can't Leave It Alone - Neon Jung - Just Can't Leave It Alone

Ibhithi Five - Jumping Back Slash - Ibhithi

Wish You Were Here - Deadboy - Here - EP

Fallen Arches - Tokimonsta - Creature Dreams

Mumma Deed Family Clone - Jonas Reinhardt - Power of Audition

Noon Hill Wood - Richard Skelton - Landings

Windy Blues - Jef Gilson - French Blue Jazz

It's All Around You - Tortoise - It's All Around You



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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Pass The Bucket by Vans

Even though these films yank a little too hard on the heartstrings, I still really like them; beautifully filmed and edited, plus both subjects are genuine and open. Funny how you never see Gary Oldman and Tony Alva in the same room though...

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Friday 27 May 2011

The films of Louis CK

In an interview, American stand up and filmmaker Louis CK described a film he tried for a few years to get made. 'It's about a beautiful, but obnoxious Hollywood PA. One day she's driving through LA, talking on her cell, not paying attention, when she hits something with her car. She gets out to see what it is; she's hit and killed a little girl, with a full grown beard.'

The PA is eventually sentenced, not to jail, but to have a beard grafted on her face for ten years.

Let's watch the films he has made. This playlist should work: 'Hi How Are You?', 'Brunch' and 'Ice Cream'. 



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Life As An Independent Astronaut

Great idea, and I love the homemade quality of his suit. Nice one David Wilson!

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